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Useful links to skin information in Thai

Useful links to skin information in Thai is in the right side of the page. Easily, by clicking the picture then you could reach related page at in Thai.


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  1. OMG.. just by looking at the pictures here ——–>
    pretty much scares me.. However, I felt more of a pity for those who has this kind of skin abnormality. Are there any cure for this? I mean, if its possible in Thai, meaning its also possible in other asian countries.. Asian has almost the same structure of skin, so i wouldn’t get shock if someone has the same of those here in the Philippines.. Maybe you can educate me on this..

    Comment by stephaniefrancisco | 2009-11-05 | Reply

    • Hi, Thanks for the comment.
      There will be more post here, just be patient.

      Comment by Dr.Sukh Dermatologist | 2009-11-07 | Reply

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