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Dermatitis of the hands

One of the most common skin problems is dermatitis or eczema of the hands.

Your hands will become

  • red
  • dry or weeping
  • swollen
  • itching and
  • sometime having burning feeling or pain.
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Hand dermatitis

This condition is not very hard to diagnose as you will have symptoms as mentioned above but not very easy t0 treat. Usually, the cause of this condition could be from the environment or from causes inside you or both.

Causes may be…

  • chemical products such as acid or base
  • chronic rubbing
  • strong soap or shampoo
  • dryness of skin especially in elderly
  • some occupation such as hair dressers
  • allergic reactions to substances such as glove

The diagnosis of this condition could be made from skin exam while taking the history will help to identify the cause. The test that could lead to definite diagnosis is called “Patch test”.

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