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Are treatments in Dermatology very expensive?

Not every treatment in Dermatology is expensive.

Many skin disorders such as psoriasis, hand dermatitis or acne are generally treated with topical and oral medicine and no equipment is required.
Sometime a definite diagnosis has to be confirmed in that case some equipments are needed to diagnose such as a microscopy or culture media for the diagnosis of fungal infection (says tinea, tinea versicolor or shingles).

The difficulties for individuals who have skin disorders are the access to a dermatologist. This depends on the policy in your area.
In some case you have to make a visit to a GP and if that GP thinks your conditions are beyond the knowledge then you will be transfered to a dermatologist.
In some private hospitals you could make an appointment to the dermatologist very easily but that needs some cost of that.
With many equipments being used in sophisticated clinic, surely the cost of treatment should be expensive.



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